Unqualified Experts #39: Beginner Poker Playing Tips

Poker players at table

Saying Callahan and Shane have lived interesting lives would be an understatement, to say the least. Both made a full-time living playing poker at one point, so we thought, why not harness that knowledge and experience to put together some interesting episodes on playing poker? So our two biggest resident trouble makers are the stars … Read more

Heavily Armored 5E: DnD Feat Guide

suit of armor knight

Heavily Armored is a feat that isn’t sexy and seems pretty basic. For many classes it simply is unnecessary, which is another reason why it gets a bit of a bad rap. So is this feat one of the weaker choices? Is it situational only? When should a player look at heavily armored (not to … Read more

5E Healer Feat: 5E DnD Feat Guide

first aid healing med kit

The healer feat in 5th edition is one of those I expected to be underwhelming, however when I did a deeper dive into how effective and versatile this feat could be I was actually very pleasantly surprised. Healer takes a bit of equipment that is sort of “Meh” during campaign play and allows the player … Read more

Unqualified Experts #35: Secrets to Making Successful RPG Campaigns

TTRPG players mugging DM

Planning a TTRPG campaign is no easy task. New players need extra guidance and encouragement to come out of the shell, experienced players are ready to spread their wings in the tabletop arena, and long-time players are ready to create havoc for the game master because, well, it’s funny. And that’s even for those players … Read more