Why Is Stardew Valley Zoomed In Too Much?

Zoom In UI Stardew Valley

If you’re used to playing Stardew Valley on an home computer setup or tablet and then find yourself having to work off a new machine, and something doesn’t look right. You double check the settings, shrink the UI to the 75% minimum, and yet when you come back the screen is too, well squished. There … Read more

Is Breath of the Wild Worth Buying a Nintendo Switch?

breath of the wild beautiful sunrise

There’s no denying that Breath of the Wild (BOTW) is one of the most interesting additions to The Legend of Zelda franchise. Breath of the Wild came out on Nintendo Switch and was one of the big selling points to Nintendo’s portable console. After all, what’s a new Nintendo console without a new Zelda game? … Read more

Rare Seeds Stardew Valley: EVERYTHING You Need to Know

Sweet Gem Berry Plants in Greenhouse Stardew Valley

The discovery of the Traveling Cart opens up possibilities for the player. Once in a while it’s a good deal, sometimes it’s an overpriced item but a useful one otherwise out of the player’s reach (see quality sprinkler) at the time, and this is also the player’s first introduction to the bright red bag that … Read more

Stardew Valley Sprinkler Guide

quality sprinkler setup Stardew Valley

As covered in our Stardew Watering Guide, the daily chore of watering all of your crops can definitely be stressful early on in the game. You need to get as many crops down as possible to get the gold comin in, but the beginning of the game is also when you have the fewest skills … Read more

When Do You Get Feats in 5E DnD?

5e feat leveling up character

While feats are considered an optional rule in 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, they’re so commonly used that it would be really, really strange to be in a campaign without them. While sometimes a DM might make a ruling on a broken combination (or just straight out band one trouble making feat in particular) for … Read more