Best 5E Feats for Wizards

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Wizards, masters of the arcane, intelligent studious spellcasters who are a nightmare to deal with when they are properly prepared, every player and DM knows the potential power of a great wizard. The wizard class is all about planning, preparation, and making intelligent choices. As one of the long-time players at our table stated: “Nothing … Read more

Best 5E Feats for Druids

fairy tree in fey forest

Druids are a class that can be a lot of fun to play for the right DnD player. As deeply rooted and in tune with the will of nature as you can get, and many even consider themselves an extension of it. The neutral alignment is for a class that believes the overarching importance of … Read more

Best 5E Feats for Clerics

5E DnD Cleric

Playing Dungeons and Dragons is fun, creative, and excitingly immersive. Knowing what feats are able to best help your character make it through the game helps to add to all of the great aspects of playing, and that can be a challenge when it comes to building a Cleric, a class that might have more … Read more

Best 5E Feats for Monks

Monk practicing martial arts

Monks are one of the most intriguing classes in 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons. On the surface they seem simple, you play as a character who relies on their mobility instead of armor and their bare hands instead of a weapon. However, as you become more experienced you realize there are a plethora of ways … Read more

Best 5E Feats for Paladins

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Paladins are righteous warriors who swear an oath to spread and protect light and justice wherever they go. They are Charisma based warriors who have such a strong unwavering belief and confidence in their sworn oath that it creates a bond that funnels that (often) divine power through them. Their sheer belief and confidence results … Read more

Best 5E Feats for Barbarians

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There are a lot of different feats to choose from in 5th edition D&D, but which are best for barbarians? Barbarian characters tend to be complete tanks designed to absorb the damage, then more damage, then all the damage you’d still be hitting them with as DM if your enemies weren’t already dead. Some barbarian … Read more

Best 5E Feats for Rangers

Ranger with wolf

Ranger was the very first class I played as a brand new D&D player. In fact, it was the 5th Edition D&D ranger, Trajen (yes, named after the Roman Emperor – A+ to you history buffs…or Civ 6 players) who was my very first character in any TTRPG campaign. A dozen new amazing friends and … Read more

MTG’s Best Blue Board Wipes for Commander

The Phasing of Zhalfir MTG card

When a Magic: The Gathering player thinks of control, their instinct is to think of blue. With its wealth of efficient counterspells and card draw options, no other color comes close to blue’s prowess when it comes to picking and choosing what spells its opponents are allowed to resolve. Since card advantage and attrition are … Read more