Game Night: 1/30/2020

Betrayal House on the Hill Setup

Hey All, it’s that time of the week again! Thursday is here and we’ve got one of the classics lined up, as well as realizing maybe, just MAYBE, this is the week we will finally have time to add a short game like Dungeon Mayhem? We shall see! Once more if you haven’t kept up … Read more

Game Night: 1/23/2020

DungeonQuest Board Game

Once again we want to thank everyone for the amazing support that we’ve received so far. If you haven’t read our first “Our Supporters Are Awesome” article that Shane wrote yesterday, please have a quick read at that. It’s a good one, and it’s a post that really gets to the heart of just how … Read more

Thank You Amazing Supporters, Vol. 1


So a Quick Little Background First… The idea behind Assorted Meeples started getting thrown around about three years ago. While the length of time it took to get going might not say much about our ability to defeat procrastination, we take pride in the fact that we feel like we’re doing this the right way. … Read more

Game Night: 1/16/2020

Has it been a week already? Yup! As hard as it is to believe, another great week has gone by. Last week Shane proved his forge was by far and away the mightiest of them all despite the early rash of snake eyes before promptly proving to be the worst zombie mob in history. Braden … Read more

Game Night: 1/9/2020

Dice Forge Board Game Boxed

Hey everyone! We are kicking off the new year strong and man do we have some killer schedules lined up! We hope all of you will be joining us tonight for the weekly Thursday board game night. We’ll be kicking off tonight with Dice Forge, an awesome dice game where upgrades give the rest of … Read more

Assorted Meeples January Schedule

Assorted Meeples Logo Header

Hey everyone! Thank you once again for your amazing support. We have been absolutely stunned by all of you and hope you’ve been enjoying this crazy ride as much as we do. While you know just how much we are all about the professionalism (commence snarky comments & rolling of the eyes here) but even … Read more

Happy New Year 2020!

two d20 dice

Well we have officially kicked off now after 3 months of soft launch and while we won’t be mistaken for pure professionals anytime soon, we’ve certainly come a long way since October! Thanks to everyone who joined us for our 6+ hour livestream on New Year’s Eve. This was an absolute blast and we were … Read more

Welcome to Assorted Meeples!

Assorted Meeples Gaming Logo

We’re a group that loves to game. We love to hang out, love to talk trash in our uniquely energetic way, and love gaming with others whether it’s online video game, board games, or a good day of tabletop RPG roleplaying. Who Are You Guys? We’re a bunch of friends who absolutely love gaming in … Read more