Table for Two #33: Buildzi

First of all, big thanks to Kevin, who loved Phil & Heather’s video of Tenzi. Which was quite amazing, and reached out to them to see if they wanted to play more games from the same company. I do believe that linked episode of Table for Two was one of their best and this follow up was a great one, as well.

Buildzi is fast paced (you’ll actually see multiple, multiple games in this less than 20 minute video), fun, and easy to understand and follow. Fun to play, fun to watch, this episode is another one that’s a winner.

If you, like many of us, want your own copy of Buildzi, please click on that link to check out up to date pricing on Amazon!

So join us again for another look at a great game with this Buildzi playthrough.

About Buildzi

This is a combination of Jenga and Tetris, with a nice little original twist on it. Multiple play styles means this game has strong replay value. Simple but fun. Just like Tenzi this is a game where no one should get lost in the rules but they should have a blast playing and building increasingly unstable structures.

Buildzi is a great game, and also takes away the dice luck element from Phil which his family almost certainly appreciates.

What Phil & Heather Think

Great game that is fun to play with kids although there’s something that is a bit demotivating about getting beaten by a five year old who is already the kindergarten master of shape recognition. The cards are laminated, the blocks solidly made, this is a quality game that is a whole lot of fun for the kids, or adults who are kids at heart.

Buildzi is a frantic dash of quick light fingers as you stack your Tetris blocks to get your tower puzzle done first. That is it. Flip your tower card over and build quick while not tipping it over and speeding past your opponent.

This one will hit the table a lot with the kids and with just Heather and Phil.

Phil’s Take

The Tetris-like packaging is just fantastic. Makes a good impression right off the bat, especially with the drawn in design on the box so you have no trouble putting it back. The different puzzles means you’re thinking, reacting, and the game is so fast paced. Great stuff.

Phil, loving everything about the game.

Simple, fun, and with nearly endless replay value. What more could you ask for?

Get your copy today and enjoy the fun!

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