Table for Two #37: On Tour Europe, The Rematch!

Uh-oh – the tour buses are back! This was a really fun episode the first time they played (if you missed it the blog post summary and On Tour playthrough are both linked, respectively). This is a great high energy game with a lot of thought on travel, strategy, and it’s a roll and write that really holds up to the best ones out there.

Phil originally funded the Kickstarter and considering this is one of the few games that have managed to get a second play in season one, so this looks like a winner for sure!

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Table for Two: Let’s Play On Tour Europe

Table for Two: On Tour Let’s Play

About On Tour

Pack up and prepare for that road trip. On Tour is a game that Phil loved because of the potential for a lot of planning and strategy mixed in with a small amount of luck and a few replays have seemed to further cement this game as one that hits all of those checkmarks and continues to deliver quality beyond that.

Take a look at the video for one of the better and more unique print and play games out there.

Phil’s Take

What’s there to say that I didn’t say before? Still love the simple mechanics that lead into deep strategy. This was a super close game and it’s going to hit the rotation again. Pretty soon Heather’s going to go from holding her own to stomping me.

Heather has really caught onto the game and as this one shows, Phil is going to have to pay attention if he wants to avoid his road trip ending in Loser Town, population him.

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