Table for Two #50: Architects of the West Kingdom

What better way to bring season two of Table for Two to an end than bringing out another series of new classic games for an overarching epic finale? And thus we set the stage for the West Kingdom Tome Saga and its first game: Architects of the West Kingdom. I know there’s been a lot of interest in this game and Phil & Heather look to deliver.

Beautiful board, solid meeples, and great card art promise one heck of a game playing experience and it definitely makes watching the game fun as the art is really outstanding. Also check out Phil’s new camera set up – it’s really, really good!

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Let’s Play: Architects of the West Kingdom

We hope you enjoy this Architects of the West Kingdom playthrough from two of our favorite gamers!

About Architects of the West Kingdom

Created by Garfield Games, Architects of the West Kingdom is the first game in the West Kingdom Tome Saga and plays as a pretty in-depth and incredible worker placement game that also sets the stage for the games that are to follow. This is a smooth game that calls for good thinking but plays extremely well once you fully figure out the mechanics.

A great game that kicks off a series that we are looking forward to seeing. Who will prevail when all the dust settles? Will it be Team Heather or Team Pheeeeellll? In a few more weeks we’ll know, but the first shots have been fired!

What Phil & Heather Think

Phil is definitely a fan of this game. Heather usually doesn’t like these style games as much but she actually enjoys this one as once you get the rules down it’s easy to remember and figure out.

Phil’s Take

A really great in-depth worker placement game that has a lot going on but does a good job of making itself easy to learn and figure out. A really great first step to what promises to be a really good series of games.

This was an excellent gaming night experience and one that is going to find some repeat time in the future.

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