Table for Two #11: Dice Throne Part 2

I mean, we all knew this day was coming 🙂 And man are we treated to another wonderful episode of Table for Two thanks to our amazing hosts as well as a fantastic game. If you missed the first competition, you can find that episode of Table for Two here. You can watch that first, just watch this one, enjoy them all!

So what’s new, you ask? What sets part two apart?

But this episode features – WAIT FOR IT – an awesome overhead camera view so you can catch 100% of the action.

This is a fantastic game, a fantastic episode, and a worthy follow up to the first!

This awesome Dice Throne playthrough is brought to you by Heather the Huntress and Phil the Cursed Pirate Queen. And that was one of my favorite sentences I’ve ever been able to write.

Dice Throne’s Many Starter Boxes

Each of these boxes is the full game of Dice Throne, but with different characters. If you buy one, you can order the other characters individually or in groups of two in order to fill out your game. This is a really impressive game that fully stands on its own with all the current characters. While new ones may be occasionally added, one thing that sticks out is that it’s a slow burn.

They make sure new characters are unique, interesting, fun, and fit into the current set of characters. No one too weak, no one too OP. Their careful testing for balance has been really outstanding, in my opinion.

Just a few of the easy to buy Dice Throne character combos from Amazon include:

What Phil & Heather Think

“Battle Yahtzee” is still a great description. There’s a reason this is a favorite game of both Heather and Phil. The art is amazing, the characters have their own story, and each one gives a very different play experience. The fact this is the first replay on “Table for Two” speaks volumes about just how much both of them love this game!

Phil’s Take

Dice Throne is battle Yahtzee. What more do I need to say? The amount of change just by switching to different characters makes it such a different game. Even the same characters can progress in different ways each game because you won’t recycle the entire deck. So many different rolls result in different positive actions and there’s a story being told through the rolls.

Mr. Phil, who sees now why Shane loves the Cursed Pirate

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