Table for Two #26: Explorers of the North Sea

First of all, this is part 3 of a three part game. Because this board game series has you move from one game to a second to a third in a really unique design that adds a lot of flavor to each experience. If you haven’t seen the past two episodes make sure to check out Episode #24: Shipwrights of the North Sea and Episode #25: Raiders of the North Sea.

So the long awaited third game to decide whose Vikings are greatest is finally here! The back and forth has been amazing in this series and we have a really close game here. Who will prevail in the series? Who will win? Who will lose? Will Phil learn to do math?

If you have the first two but haven’t picked up Explorers of the North Sea yet, please consider purchasing through that affiliate link as we get a commission and that helps support this site and our online efforts.

Another great episode from our favorite gaming husband & wife couple! If you want to see how Explorers of the North Sea Plays then make sure to click on that link or the play on the video and watch the game develop. Also, very VERY nice overlay so you can see the players and the action clearly throughout the game.

About Explorers of the North Sea

This is the final board game in the Runesea Saga, aka the Runesea Trilogy. It is a tile placement game and the third in the series. The three games together create the Runesea Saga and Explorers is the final game in that series. Explorers is the final one and is a great tile placement game that caps things off with a bang.

This game has plenty of strategy, plays differently each time, and has rules that are easy to pick up on, making it a fantastic choice for many gamers no matter what their regular gaming preference.

This is a good strategy game that is challenging, interesting, and keeps the attention despite being a long play. That is the sign of a very, very good board game.

What Phil & Heather Think

This is sort of the ideal balance of a game for the two of them. There’s a ton of strategy and yet the rules are very easy to grasp, which Heather is definitely a fan of. When the game is easy to grasp and the strategy comes from a really good mechanic and rule set then you have a winner. All three boardgames in the series are great ones, and this is a fitting way to top it all off.

Phil’s Take

A fitting finale to a great series of board games that we have really enjoyed playing. Although math is hard.

Phil, being Phil

This was an outstanding three game playthrough that was really fun to watch. And although it takes some time to see all of this once again, I’ll definitely have them bookmarked for another watching when I have the time to sit down and enjoy it!

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