Table for Two #44: Here to Slay

Here to Slay is a game that Phil has been following for quite some time now, and this rematch was actually Heather’s idea. This is a game that is competitive, and the two player face off is fantastic. Will they be rangers? Will they be fighters? Will Team Heather win again or will the dark force that is known as Phil prevail?

This is a strategy game of both dice and cards, and being able to use them in combination is critical to see if you are going to succeed or fail in this easy to learn but very strategic game. This is a lot of fun and what you would call a “take that” game but one that works very well even with many players who traditionally might not be into that gaming style.

There’s a reason this game has quickly become so wildly popular, and you can check out current prices here on Amazon.

Take a look at this great Let’s Play of Here to Slay with our favorite gaming couple!

What Phil & Heather Think

Heather usually isn’t into what they call the “in your face” types of direct competition games, but as past episodes have shown if you get the right one she is definitely game to stick it to Phil 🙂 This is an excellent game that is well designed, fun to play, and offers a really good balance of strategy, luck, and game play to keep you coming back.

For Phil, this game is the Munchkin replacement and for Heather this is one of those head to head competitive games that she is 100% on board with.

Phil’s Take

Great game that fully came through on the print and play promise it had from the beginning. It’s a great game that does so many things well and I’m really glad to add it into the future “regular rotation.”


We hope you enjoyed this game as much as we did! Thanks for stopping by!

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