Unqualified Experts #17: Expert 7 Wonders Boardgame Strategies

There are some games you play every so often, and there are some games you just fall in love with and come back to again and again. Even if 7 Wonders wasn’t the absolute favorite game of our neighbors (Hi Andy – friendly wave), this is one of our absolute favorite games among the Meeples. It’s actually Hall of Fame level along with Settlers of Catan, Lords of Waterdeep, and Stone Age.

So it seems only fitting that this game should make its way to Unqualified Experts sooner rather than later.

death ray eyes on 7 wonders game
Archimedes” Death Ray Jazz Hands need to stay a thing.

Become an Ancient Empire to be Feared!

The games play so differently from one run to another, and that’s part of what we really love about this card drafting game. Are you playing A side? Are you playing B side? Player’s choice? Which civilization are you? What’s the other side of the table doing? What does your starting hand look like versus theirs?

It’s such a great game and having a strong understanding of how various mechanics of the game work as well as how to adapt to the many variations of the game make all the difference in whether you are a player to be feared or one who struggles to make their kingdom known.

This video covers major strategies and how to execute them, including how to readjust mid-game when you initial strategies are clearly not setting you up for late game success.

Just a short sample of 7 Wonders strategy tips this video goes over include:

  • How to see what your neighbors are planning
  • Building early with the mid to late game in mind
  • How to create the science machine…or stop others in their tracks
  • Understanding the right amount of resources to draft
  • Dodging the money trap
  • Dodging the military trap
  • The science-military relationship
  • What makes for the perfect Hybrid Strategy?

Want to improve your 7 Wonders strategy? This video will show you how!

This video goes in-depth on the strategies that cause the entire table to yell “Kill Shane and Braden!” before a single card is drawn. Sometimes they are successful. Many times they are not.

This is a fantastic game and there will be many more playthroughs of this great card drafting board game in the future.

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