Unqualified Experts #14: Popular Board Games We Hate

Most boardgames that are really popular are popular for a reason. Good games are a great way to spend the time, which you obviously know if you have been around our group at all. Between all our houses we have a crazy number of boardgames, and we’re happy to buy when a game looks interesting or there’s good buzz. Even before we’ve had first hand experience with it.

Many times this leads to brilliant new games that we love to play again and again.

Sometimes it leads to a re-gifting. Look we’re all guilty of it, no judging. There are many great games out there, and the ones on our list might be on your top game list.

But enough on love and apologies. Now is time for some rare board game hate…

We enjoyed shooting our educated rant about popular boardgames we hate video, and hope you enjoy it, too!

Braden’s (The Business) Picks

Braden isn’t shy about not liking popular games. Whether it’s a top party game that had been brought out 1, 2, or 200 times too many and has worn out its welcome, a well-designed game that looks so interesting but just didn’t quite click, or a popular game that hits all of his weaknesses subjectively, this is quite an array of different games on Braden’s list of games he doesn’t like.

Sometimes even a good game just doesn’t do it for you, and these three are examples of that.

Shane’s (Corrupt Overlord) Picks

You can tell childhood anger and board flipping had a lot of influence on Shane’s picks here. Look one of them isn’t a surprise. It’s a classic table flipper, though my reasons for not wanting to play it are quite a bit different than others.

Then there’s Risk. I grew up with people who rolled dice like Phil. Enough said.

Then there’s the last pick. I should like that game. I should love the game. The tone, the setting, the writing, the atmosphere…but it just doesn’t work with me. That’s one time where the hype train just doesn’t work with me, unfortunately.

In Conclusion

The comments section of that video has been rocking so far and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts. What popular games do you hate that everyone else seems to love! What rules, mechanics, or other games make your list? Let us know over at the video and thanks for watching!

As always, good gaming!

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