Unqualified Experts #6: Story Time!

One of the reasons so many of us fall in love with tabletop roleplaying games whether Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Vampire, Werewolf, or one of the dozens upon dozens of other amazing systems out there is the stories. A really memorable campaign has moments that players will think about for years or even decades to come.

That’s part of the power of a shared story. We also have those that others might not remember as well but which we enjoy because of our own personal mark, chaos, or just the reactions being there and seeing the looks that situation invoked. Today was a change of pace episode but it was one that both Braden and Shane enjoyed quite a bit.

We all have amazing stories, and here are just a few short ones to start out. So come enjoy story telling time!

Table Top RPG Story Time!

Somehow Shane was caught mid televangelist-preacher face.

Each of our two Meeples here tell three stories a piece, with some mentions of other systems along the way that cover plenty of D&D over multiple editions as well as a few other little extras. So get ready for Table Top RPG Story Time with Assorted Meeples!

Braden’s Stories from Systems…

Braden has stories from D&D 3.5, two from D&D 5 (from the first and only full campaign run by Shane), and a “Nathan D&D” which is…well it’s a Nathan campaign. In other words something unique, special, and utterly different than anything you could “reasonably” expect. The stories are entertaining, intelligent, and show why you need to be very, very careful around a player like this.

Mining out a Lich’s guest room, changing the present and the future at a whim, or doing one of the most legendary framings of another character you have ever seen at a table, these epic stories paint some vivid pictures that are really incredible and will get you jonesing for the next session of your current (or future) campaign!

Shane’s Stories from Systems…

Shane brings stories from D&D 5 (a campaign run by Braden, nonetheless!), Pathfinder, and a “Nathan D&D” campaign. He introduces us to the most unlikely of all barbarian philosophers, the most unlikely strength check ever courtesy of a very first natural 20, and the bardiest of all bards dancing between two terrifying custom enemies with nada for charisma.

In other words between these two players and DMs there are plenty of pretty amazing stories across several systems. And who doesn’t like a good story? As the campaigns continue even more stories will pile up and that means plenty of great videos in the days ahead!

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