Why Is Phase 10 Twist So Expensive?

If you’re a fan of the original Phase 10 game, then you’ll love the Phase 10 Twist. It has the same rules as the original game but has 10 new “twist” phases designed to make the game faster. Released in 2007, it was once one of the most popular board games but has since become scarce and expensive. 

Phase 10 Twist is so expensive because of supply scarcity and high demand. Mattel discontinued its manufacture in 2013, which ultimately drove up market prices. Prices for new versions of the game range from $20-$150, based on demand. However, you can find used versions for much cheaper online. 

In this article, I’ll discuss why Phase 10 Twist is so expensive and in such high demand, and give you valuable tips on where to buy it at a discounted price. I’ll also briefly explain how this version is different from the regular Phase 10 game and supply you with expert strategies to help you win your next game. 

phase 10 twist in box
Phase 10 Twist – a GREAT card game and worthy follow-up to Phase 10.

Reasons for the Price Increase of Phase 10 Twist

The main reason why the prices of Phase 10 Twist have increased is that there are very few left in the market. Amazon’s algorithm also has a role in the price hike since the prices automatically increase according to how many are in stock. Also, it’s been discontinued in most toy stores, so online sellers jack up their prices to capitalize on the scarcity. 

So, if you’re looking for a Phase 10 Twist game at a reasonable price, then you’re out of luck. However, you can find this game at discounted prices if you’re lucky (more on that later). If you really want this game, then now is the time to get it. Since it’ll soon become a collector’s item, you might not even find it a year or two from now. 

Where Can I Buy Phase 10 Twist?

You can buy Phase 10 Twist only through select Amazon sellers, a few online board game stores, and other online retailers such as eBay. The game has become quite rare and difficult to obtain after being discontinued for several years, as many sellers have run out of stock. 

If you bought this version a few years back, you might have gotten it for under $20. However, the current prices can go well above $60. 

If Amazon is too expensive, you might find Phase 10 Twist at discounted rates from other online stores. Try specialized game stores like Board Game Geek or couponing stores like The Couponing Couple. If they have the game in stock, you’ll get it for much cheaper on these sites. 

However, if these sites are out of stock, you’ll have to spend the extra money and get it through Amazon. Some local toy stores may have a copy or two of this game, so check them out (if you have time to drive around for a board game!). 

phase 10 twist game
Good looking copy of the (unfortunately) discontinued Phase 10 Twist.

Why Was Phase 10 Twist Discontinued?

Phase 10 Twist was discontinued because of poor marketing and branding decisions. All the Phase 10 games were created by Fundex, who were also the creators of the popular UNO game. However, after Mattel purchased it in 2010, the game declined in popularity. 

Mattel’s main mistake was to market the game to young children when in reality, most of the players were adults. Phase 10 Twist is a family game for between 2-6 players, and many adults love this game. 

Since the marketing blunder, the game has never really recovered. It was discontinued in 2013 and is now only available from selected sellers. Pretty soon, it’ll become a rare collector’s item, so consider yourself lucky if you’ve found a copy for sale. 

What Is the Difference Between Phase 10 and Phase 10 Twist?

The main differences between Phase 10 and Phase 10 Twist are playing time and game set-up. The “twist” version comes with additional “twist” cards, providing more intrigue and uncertainty, and a unique tray that provides 3 discard piles to choose from on your turn, allowing for faster game play.

Instead of moving a regular two phases or playing the forward phase, when a player lands on a twist place, they can play either side of the phase. This allows them to double the movements, giving the game more speed. 

The aim of both games is the same: to see who completes 10 phases first. 

While the original Phase 10 game could take up to two hours to complete, you can usually play the Twist version in an hour. This is the perfect time range for a family board game, which is why this game was so popular. To sum up, the Phase 10 Twist is played the same way as regular Phase 10, but the added twists make it faster and more intriguing. 

Is Phase 10 Twist Based on Luck or Strategy?

Phase 10 Twist is a game based mostly on strategy, but there’s also an element of luck to it. The game is based on gin rummy, and strategy is needed to play your cards correctly and complete the phases. However, you must also rely on luck since the cards are shuffled before being distributed. 

A helpful tip is to play cards with the larger value first. If both players reach the last position simultaneously, then the game will go down to whoever’s card stack has the lowest value. 

Final Thoughts

Phase 10 Twist has become expensive because of a shortage in supply. If you’re buying it on Amazon, you’ll have to pay more. However, if you buy it from an online board game store, you might get a discounted price. 

Phase 10 Twist is fun to play for the whole family and requires both skill and strategy. However, since manufacturing has been discontinued, it’ll soon become a collector’s item.

So, if you’re a fan of this game and find it at a reasonable rate, it’s worth paying a few extra dollars since you might not find it in the future. 

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