DnD 101: What Is DC & How Does It Work?

jumping over cliff at night

Dungeons & Dragons is a great tabletop RPG that has brought plenty of great games and memories to the table. While 5th edition has a reputation for being extremely beginner friendly for both players and DMs, there are still some game mechanics that seem to confuse many players and DMs. DC is short for “difficulty …

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Why Is Gloomhaven So Expensive?

gloomhaven board game

There’s no question the right board game can bring so many hours of entertainment that it’s worth a heft price tag. Stone Age, Lords of Waterdeep with expansions, and Red Dragon Inn are just three examples of games we adore that aren’t cheap. But the many, many hours of gameplay these games provide make the …

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What Feat in 5E D&D Is the Bane of the DM?

Tired DM at D&D Table

In the right situation, most of the feats in 5E can be incredibly powerful for players, and a headache for the DM. While I won’t go so far as to call most feats “broken,” depending on the type of DM you are, how much you struggle to adapt to certain challenges, and the campaign involved, …

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5E: Perception Vs. Investigation

cartoon detective investigating

As if the questions of passive perception weren’t potentially confusing enough, it seems like a lot of tables have issues with figuring out when perception is the right skills to use versus when the investigation skill is the right pick. On some tables this has actually become synonymous to the point where the most common …

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Sorcerer Vs. Wizard in 5E: Which D&D Class Is Better?

wizard vs. Sorcerer 5E

Although there are technically multiple casting classes in Dungeons & Dragons, the first two that come to mind for most people are the wizard and the sorcerer. So with apologies to the warlock, cleric, and the best class of them all (bard, duh), let’s jump into one of the common first questions new players have …

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D&D Passive Perception 5E: What it is & How it Works

surprised rogue

There have been a lot of debates surrounding 5th edition D&D, but few have felt more confusing than the “Who, what, when, and why?” of passive perception. Even over 5 years after the release of fifth edition, this is a topic that still causes debate and confusion. This is incredibly unfortunate, since passive perception, like …

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