Unqualified Experts #9: Trailer Park Boys D&D – WITF?

trailer park boys d&d

Trailer Park Boys as D&D characters? Ricky the idiot Druid? Julian the Paladin? What in the (censored)? Great references to Donnie aside, this was a fantastic idea and you can tell that Shane and Braden were both very excited about this episode of Unqualified Experts. We’ve seen the min-maxed D&D builds of pop culture characters …

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Unqualified Experts #1: Top 5 Low Level D&D Utility Spells

Gamers talking D&D Spells

Launching YouTube shows was something we thought about doing eventually, and though Phil & Heather kicked it off with their awesome Table for Two series – Braden and Shane weren’t far behind with a very different show of their own. Unqualified Experts seemed a fitting name for these two knowledgeable fellows who always seem to …

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Krok the Phisosopher: My Introduction to Pathfinder

Pathfinder Core Rulebook

My first introduction into tabletop role playing came from Braden when he ran one of his favorite campaigns a friend in his old group ran, converted for the new 5th Edition of D&D which had just been recently released. While 5E was my first foray into the world of role playing games, it wasn’t long …

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