Unqualified Experts #19: How Much Should Player Choices Matter in D&D?

D&D brown bear campaign

One of the things about a great tabletop RPG is that a group story can provide bonding, friendship, and stories that last between friends for years. This also means there are many different moving parts, potential problems, and lessons to learn along the way. One of the interesting bits of conversation that comes up a …

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Unqualified Experts #15: Creative Character Design for Tabletop RPG

Gamers showing off character sheets

We’ve all had friends who seem to struggle with creating the perfect character for the next tabletop RPG campaign. And by friends, we mean us. All of us have had those moments where all those ideas for new characters bouncing around in our heads between campaigns just disappear. And the session zero gets closer and …

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Which D&D Edition Is the Worst?

clown mime thumbs up thumbs down

Most questions like this are heavily opinion based and you will rarely get a general consensus. But when you talk with a large number of long-time Dungeons & Dragons players you will be surprised by just how many rush to pile onto the bandwagon of 4th edition being the worst of the modern editions of …

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5E: Fighter Vs. Barbarian – Which Is Better?

5E fighter vs barbarian

There are several classes that can be considered martial classes in 5th edition D&D but if you are the hack and slash type, it’s hard to argue with fighter and barbarian being the two standards for martial classes. Grab a weapon and attack. Stay in front and protect the squishy spellcasters and utility party members …

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How Long Should a D&D Session Last?

three D&D books

If you’re new to tabletop roleplaying, and even if you’re not, sometimes you have a question that there just isn’t much guidance for. “How long should a D&D session last” is an excellent question that doesn’t have a lot of coverage. Part of that reason might be that games are such a personal thing. Each …

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