Stardew Valley Mahogany Tree Guide

stardew valley beach tree farm

One of my favorite articles to write on Stardew Valley was our guide on Stardew Valley Fruit Trees. There are so many cool options in Stardew, and I’ll admit, I’m one of those players who loves having at least one of every type of wine available in a chest. Plus those trees just look cooler …

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My Time at Portia How to Fix Scrolling Errors

rock ore my time at portia

My Time at Portia is a great game, and in my opinion easily a top 10 game in the cozy genre especially among the crafters that blazed the trail after Stardew Valley to revitalize and explode the cozy game genre, but to say its development had challenges is more than fair. One of the errors …

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Is Slime Rancher Worth Buying?

slime rancher 2 open area

Built on the Unity Engine, Slime Rancher is one of the most unique cozy games I’ve ever seen and was produced by Monomi Park. In this game you play the part of Beatrix LeBeau who traveled across the galaxy to “The Far Far Range” to explore and find her fortune. Slime ranching provided a way …

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Why Am I Hearing A Weird Static Noise in Stardew Valley?

Bath House Stardew Valley

There’s a lot to love about Stardew Valley, with the soundtrack lauded by many gamers for its extremely pleasant, wonderful, and soothing. Which makes it all the more frustrating when you go from listening to the pleasant and calming Stardew Valley soundtrack only to have it burst out in static crackling. The weird static noises …

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Stardew Valley Coopmaster Vs Shepherd

stardew valley auto petter in barn

Every time at Level 5 and Level 10 it’s important for Stardew Valley players to make the right pick when it comes to the Level up professions, and the choice between Coopmaster vs Shepherd is no different. These are the two Level 10 profession choices along the farming skill tree, assuming you picked Rancher instead …

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