Can You Lose Hearts in Stardew Valley?

stardew valley friendship page

You were doing so well with socializing, giving gifts and hitting cut scenes all through the winter months, then you ended up spending spring and summer creating mega crops to get the farm up to par for one of the all-time great pumpkin harvests, courtesy of your dozens upon dozens of quality and iridium sprinklers. …

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Is Sakuna of Rice and Ruin Worth It?

Of Rice and Ruin Screenshot

While browsing for a new and cozy simulation game, Sakuna of Rice and Ruin catches your eye. It hosts an interesting combination of puzzles, action, war, and survival simulation – features that would typically be in separate games. Is this worth it to add to your collection? What is Sakuna of Rice and Ruin all …

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Can You Use Stardew Valley Music in YouTube Videos?

Stardew Valley playing flute

Finding great music that you can use for Twitch streams, YouTube videos, and other creative online projects can be a pain – especially for those of us who don’t have any ability, training, or talent to make our own. There are free to use options out there, but many video game fans who have fallen …

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How Much Health Can You Have in Terraria?

Terraria Life Crystal

One of the first lessons you learn when playing video games is to keep your health from reaching 0. In games like Super Mario Bros., this means not letting Mario take a hit while he’s small. In RPGs, you can usually see every character’s exact HP total. When a character gets low, you heal them …

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Can You Change the Time in Terraria?

Terraria Enchanted Sundial

There’s typically no shortage of things to do when running a new character through a Terraria world. Houses need to be built for NPCs, ore has to be mined to craft equipment so you can start putting bosses in their place, and the world has to be explored in order to prepare for events in …

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How Much Grass Do I Need in Stardew Valley?

stardew valley beach farm grass

While it’s easy to get carried away trying to feed the entire world from your single mega farm, a major part of Stardew Valley is raising animals. Unlike your pets, which you don’t need to feed, animals will need to be fed to keep them happy (though animals in Stardew Valley do not die from …

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11 Best Mods for Stardew Valley

stardew valley expanded

Stardew Valley is one of those games that just keeps on giving, and its community is one that keeps on giving back. Not only has Stardew Valley sold over 20 million copies but many of its tech-savvy fans have created literally hundreds of mods that can be added to the game to add new characters, …

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Stardew Valley Clay Farming Guide

stack of clay stardew valley

Clay farming isn’t a glitch per se, but it comes from speed runners and especially min-maxers in Stardew Valley who have figured out how the game “randomly” determines where clay appears when hoeing ground and use that pattern to their advantage to farm a huge amount of clay in Stardew, often from the beach. Despite …

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