Is Game Pass Worth It?

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Subscription services are a big part of the online ecosystem these days, but back in the early days of Xbox Live, there just weren’t that many successful models like it around. Sure, most of us shelled out that $49.99 each year so we could play our favorite multiplayer games online (okay, just Halo 2), but … Read more

How Do You Summon the Wall of Flesh in Terraria?

After telling the Queen Bee to buzz off, silencing Skeletron Prime, and hunting the wily Deerclops, you’re probably wondering what other challenges Terraria has to offer. Well, don your Molten armor and get ready to head back to the Underworld, because in order to progress to Hardmode and access the rest of the game, you’ll … Read more

My Time at Portia How to Make Money Guide

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My Time at Portia is one of the best farm-sim, life-sim, crafting-sim games out there, and for me personally it’s one of my 10 favorite video games of all time. The world is breathtaking, vibrant, and the fact your progression through the story changes and transforms the area, opens up new areas, and evolves the … Read more

Where Do You Get the Enchanted Sword in Terraria?

Terraria Enchanted Sword

When I was preparing to craft my first Zenith in Terraria, I collected and hoarded all the swords that would be needed for this massive crafting project. After much exploration and working together with my friends, I had finally acquired 9 of the 10 needed to craft this awesome melee weapon. Realizing I was just … Read more

Complete Stardew Valley Beach Farm Guide

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One of the amazing parts of Stardew Valley has been the big content updates. These haven’t been small, either, but offer major new characters, storylines, events, and one of my all-time favorite adds: the beach farm. Being a “make 50 good sprinklers as fast as possible” type of guy, it might seem counter-intuitive that I … Read more