11 Awesome Indie Games You Missed on Steam

Obra Dinn Ship Screenshot

Shane has earned a bit of a well deserved reputation for finding really unique, awesome, and unusual independent video games on Steam. This leads to an incredibly eclectic collection of games and not even the remotest pattern during streaming. On the plus side, and one of the reasons that Shane is such a fan of … Read more

Meeple Meetup 8/6/2020

Unrailed video game screenshot

Well hello, hello, hello once again my fellow Meeples! How’s everyone doing on this fine Thursday? Certainly better than a Wishy-washy Wednesday, a tormenting Tuesday or, ugh, a Monday. And no, Mondays don’t get alliteration. They don’t deserve it. But you have us on Thursdays so hopefully that counts as something! So there have been … Read more

Meeple Meetup 07/09/2020

Castle Crashers banner

Boy those weeks just keep flying by, don’t they? While it was unfortunate our Corrupt Overlord couldn’t make last Thursday’s game due to illness, $10 Patron Madclaw (SHOUT OUT!!!) filled in and it was one extremely entertaining stream. That will have to continue to work its way back into the rotation. Worship the Holy Hand … Read more

Meeple Meetup 07/02/2020

Worms WMD screenshot

Well hello fellow Meeples! The 4th of July is just around the corner and while celebrations are going to be a bit muted this year due to the fact that nothing makes a large public get-together grill out and board game day a bad idea like a pandemic. We look forward to those days in … Read more

Meeple Meetup: 5/28/2020

holy hand grenade of antioch in wood box

Well we kind of figured this day would come sooner rather than later. However, based on the response last time, we assume y’all will be thrilled with it! As we continue to think about things, and pine for the days where we can meet in person to talk smack up close. So we have to … Read more

Meeple Meetup 5/21/2020

Golf with Friends Steam Screenshot

I mean since we were playing digital board games, and now we’re playing very much not video games, the name change seems to make sense. At least until we can have in-person meetups once again! Last week’s playing of Worms W.M.D. was fantastic and we had a blast. That’s definitely going to be making itself … Read more

Board Game Night: 5/14/2020

Worms Armageddon Screenshot

So I have to be honest. The weekly blog post for this week is a lie. Come on, don’t give me that look. You knew this would happen at some point. Simply the fact my name is “Corrupt Overlord” meant this is almost certainly bound to take place. Going digital has had it’s share of … Read more