Game Night: 2/27/2020

So this week we’re slaying dragons! Huh, what? Wait…that was last week? Ah man, I missed all the dragon killing!

All jokes aside, last week was a neat little game of Dice & Dragons, and we’re glad that Kickstarter was funded. Sometimes we will go back to the classic board games and other times we’ll try something new. Having a good mix keeps things interesting…and a little bit of team building while killing some evil dragons is never a bad thing.

Especially since it’s only a matter of time before we go after each other once again!

This week we are back, tackling one of St. Christopher’s favorite games: Via Nebula!

Big Board Game: Via Nebula

Via Nebula is a game where you win by building. In Settlers of Catan you are building new towns and upgrading to cities. However, when you are playing Via Nebula you are looking to fulfill contracts through the collection of resources.

Explore, exploit, and build! Those are the three steps to coming out on top. The game board features ruins, some special spaces, as well as many foggy spaces. This is a beautiful board that really does a good job of capturing the mysterious story-feel of the game’s setting.

They key is to end with the most points. These are done through contracts and building. There are many pieces of strategy that allow points through special actions, as well as affect other players through strategic use of resources and tiles. Constructing buildings is a major part of the game and the game ends once one of the players manages to build five buildings.

Once the fifth building is built, the other players can play one more turn and then it is time to figure up the scores and see who the winner is. Explore, exploit, and build. That’s the name of the game in Via Nebula and as you might expect from such a tagline there will be plenty of wheeling & dealing, back-stabbing, and more.

Should be a great game. Please join us for more!

Good how to play video for Via Nebula

Small Board Game: Sushi Go!

The small game rotation is bringing back some classics. If the main game of Via Nebula leaves enough time for a second, then we will be bringing back Ben’s favorite game: the Maki Game!

I mean, Sushi Go! One of our all time favorites, this game is just so good and we’re always happy to see it come back around. Endlessly replayable, absolutely fun.

Shout Out Time!!!

Time for a shout out!

First of all we do want to acknowledge our two new awesome Patrons on Patreon: The Observing & Tridentdragonite

We appreciate every little bit of support and welcome to our private Discord for Patrons. The conversations are absolutely amazing and only going to get better with our new Patrons. You guys rock!

But the ALL-STAR Super Shout Out goes to our (currently) sole $10 Patron: Madclaw!

Madclaw has supported us from the very beginning and we are happy to give him a well-deserved shout out that will also be on Facebook, Twitter, and our other platforms. You’re beautiful, brother. Maybe we’ll harass Braden into writing some awesomeness poetry for your next shout out. Let us know if that’s interesting.

So thank you awesome people – hope you enjoy your shout out – and can’t wait to see you on game day this week!

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