Stardew Valley Bridge Repair Guide

Stardew Valley is an amazing game, but it’s also one that takes a little bit of work and effort to fully open up the map and everything that it has to offer. In a few spots broken bridges will slow you down. If you want to know all about repairing Stardew Valley bridges, you’ve come to the right article!

Most people are either going to talk about the bridge at the beach you see in the early game of Stardew Valley, likely on day one, or the bridge to the quarry past the original mines and Adventurer’s Guild in the mountains.

The Quarry Bridge can be repaired by completing all the Crafts Room bundles in the Community Center, or by paying 25,000g going the JojaMart route while you can fix the Stardew Valley beach bridge by having 300 wood on hand to repair it when the prompt comes up.

There are only a few bridges in Stardew Valley, and amazingly many of them are broken. If you want full access to all the special areas that you can explore then in addition to farming, fishing, and foraging you’ll need to become pretty good at bridge building, too!

broken beach bridge stardew valley
Repairing the beach bridge in Stardew Valley is as simple as having the right materials on hand…which I did not have on this relatively new file.

Stardew Valley How To Repair The Bridge On The Beach

The beach is a common spot to visit, but there’s no question the best (read: most valuable) forage comes up more consistently and more often on the far eastern side, across from the broken bridge. Early game that overabundance of coral and sea urchins can add up to a lot of gold – much more than you’re going to forage from other open areas.

Because of that, getting the bridge open early can be a major boost to your early game gold, and there’s no game that can quickly multiply your results and speed up your farm’s development like that early game gold.

To repair the beach bridge in Stardew Valley you need 300 pieces of wood. If you harvest some spring onions on Day 3 when it’s raining and spend most of your energy you can get most of what you need to complete it.

Repairing the bridge isn’t hard, it’s just a matter of gathering resources and taking advantage of the leveling system (and getting full energy if you level up even if you exhaust yourself) to gather it. Even if you don’t min-max for this repair, you should be looking pretty good by the end of Week 1 at the latest.

Fixing the beach bridge in Stardew Valley is a great way to open up more foraging…and it’s the only way to get to the important rainy day stranger when you pursue any romantic relationships later in the game.

How To Repair The Bridge To The Quarry in Stardew Valley

This is the big bridge that is off to the right of the mines and the Adventurer’s Guild. The quarry is a great spot to get rock, ore, and even gems, and also opens up access to the side cave where you can get the Golden Scythe and some serious combat experience.

Many players like clearing the quarry to place massive amounts of kegs or create tree farms with tapped trees for a steady source of oak resin, maple syrup, pine tar, and sap.

No matter how you choose to use it, the quarry is an incredibly useful space and can be an absolute boon for the player. But unlocking it means repairing the bridge (or getting the minecarts running again, and for convenience sake you really should do both).

The good news is that repairing the bridge to the quarry in Stardew Valley is fairly simple, it just takes time as you need foraged items that are tied to every season, in addition to a few exotic items that can easily consist of some mushrooms and the bounty of tree tappers, as well as some rock, wood, and hardwood.

The seasonal items are hardest to collect because of the time restrictions while the rest will naturally occur during your exploring, mining, and adventuring.

stardew valley crafts room bridge repair
Get ready to forage…and if you want it done before winter make sure to visit the Traveling Cart for those winter forageables and spend some time in the ice levels of the mine.

How to Repair the Quarry Bridge Faster in Stardew Valley

The main block will be the winter forage items. Natural game progression makes it easy to get everything else up to early Autumn. The biggest thing to look for from the Traveling Cart is the Crocus because that does not pop up in the ice levels (41-79) of the Mines, while finding snow yams, winter roots, and even crystal fruit can be found from hoeing dirt in those levels or killing enemies.

So as long as you find and buy a Crocus from the Traveling Cart you can get well ahead of schedule to complete this bundle and therefore complete the Forage Bundles for the Crafts Room in the Community Center.

If you chose the fruit bats over the mushrooms for your cave, you chose a heavily non-optimized option, but they carry in a lot of fruits from various seasons meaning you can even speed up the process even more. In that case you still want to buy from the Traveling Cart the:

  • Sweet Pea (in the very rare and unlikely event you could complete this bundle in spring instead of summer)
  • Hazelnut (fall forage you can’t find any other way)
  • Crocus (winter forage you can’t find any other way)
  • Common mushroom from cart (because you won’t have it from the cave if you went with fruit bats) or use the chair cheat to grab one from the Secret Woods in spring, or upgrade your axe to iron fast enough to get it in Spring.

As long as you have at least a copper axe to cut stumps for hardwood, then you should be able to get everything you need to finish the bundles by mid to late summer and open up that Quarry plenty early!

How to Repair the Bridge Joja Mart Route Stardew Valley

If you’re going the Joja Mart route in your game (Boo!) then fixing the bridge in Stardew Valley is as easy as making the 25,000g donation in the Town Development fund at the Joja Mart to get it up and running again. Expensive, but simple.

How To Repair The Bridge On Ginger Island In Stardew Valley

On Ginger Island the solution to fixing bridges is the same as fixing other problems in Ginger Island – by discovering golden walnuts until you have enough to bribe the parrots to come and fix it all up. Those birds know how to work and once they dive into it, you now have bridges connecting you to new sections of Ginger Island to explore.

stardew valley fix bridge ginger island
Those birds are talented…for the right number of golden walnuts.

How Do I Create a Bridge Over Lava in the Ginger Island Caves?

There are two ways to make a bridge over the Lava in the Ginger Island Caves – the early solution and the later solution. First, the easy aka early solution to fixing a bridge over the lava.

You can create a bridge over the lava on Ginger Island by using your watering can. You’ll want a full watering can because there are no places inside the cave where you can actually refill your water can.

Just toss a straight line of water over the lava, and it will crust up giving you a temporary bridge that lasts the rest of the time you’re in those Ginger Island caves. Once you leave, the lava reclaims those spaces, but as long as you come in will a full gold or iridium watering can, you should be good to go.

Later, you can approach the parrot asking for a high number of golden walnuts and pay for a permanent bridge in the beginning, but you’ll still want a watering can for further in as this opens up movement options through the rooms.

Ginger Island Fix Bridge Over Lava
The water vent to the right gives a clue of how you can access the caves before you pay the parrots to fix the bridge in the Ginger Island caves.

Keep on Exploring Stardew Valley You Bridge Builder, You!

Repairing the few bridges that need repairing in Stardew Valley takes a bit of work, but can happen naturally through playing the game in many places. Depending on which specific bridge you’re looking to fix, it takes different requirements, but none are out of reach for even a beginning player.

Building the bridge on the beach early is highly recommended because it opens up so much valuable forage in the early game, not to mention items you need for some of the bundles in the Community Center. Getting the Quarry up is also very useful but some players see that as a mid-game or even late game event, but it does open up a remarkable amount of ores, gems, and space to set up as you see fit.

So go on and explore, and make sure to fix those Stardew Valley bridges along the way!

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