Top 10 New Magic Core Set 2021 Cards for Commander

Mangara, the Diplomat MTG

Core sets have an interesting place in Magic’s history. Starting out as white-bordered, 100% reprint sets that excluded legendary creatures, they’ve gradually lost each of these restrictions, undergone a leave of absence, and have come roaring back in recent years with better and better card selections. Core Set 2021 is no exception to this recent …

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Magic’s Commander Rules Change: Death Triggers

Child of Alara MTG

We’ve all been in at least one game where we’ve played a card, preparing to make an epic play we’ve made countless times before, only to have an opponent point out “That isn’t actually how this card works”. Then, as we discuss how Spelltwine actually interacts with its targets, I begin going through the 5 …

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How to Remotely Play Paper Magic Using SpellTable

Spelltable logo

I miss grilling with friends on lazy Sunday afternoons. I miss in-person board games on Thursday nights. But most of all, I miss paper Magic: The Gathering. COVID-19 has made in-person games an unsafe proposition for the foreseeable future, so I haven’t played an actual game of Commander in months. Magic: The Gathering Arena should …

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