Unqualified Experts #10: Favorite Retro NES Games

Oh man, this is an episode that Braden and Shane were really looking forward to doing. As older gamers the nostalgia is strong with these two, especially once you start talking about NES games. This is one we expect will be getting plenty of interaction as we know some of these games just scream childhood fun.

So for old gamers it’s time to get a little bit nostalgic with those old original Nintendo Entertainment System video games.

For new gamers…if you want to experience what your forbearers did moving down Retro Lane, here’s a winning couple of lists to get you 10 great games, some honorable mentions, as well as a couple additional games that everyone hitting NES for the first time needs to experience.

Also one of these two guys gets hit in the head with a baseball. Great, right?

So grab the popcorn, the soda, and enjoy the high energy from one of the best episodes of Unqualified Experts yet!

Classic NES Games That Remind Us of Childhood!

This great retro NES game review on YouTube is a fantastic episode and a throwback to 8-bit glory.

Braden’s Picks for Favorite NES Games

Braden’s idea was simple: which games did he enjoy most, remember enjoying, and that still stick in his head to this day.

In part because they are still games that occasionally come up on his NES Simulator. One of the great benefits of modern technology and Internet advancement, for sure 🙂

These are games he loves, games that he remembers fondly, and games he’s willing to go back and visit when that retro mood hits.

Shane’s Picks for Favorite NES Games

Shane skipped obvious ones like Super Mario Brothers 3, Techmo Super Bowl 3, or the Contras. He wanted to focus on really amazing NES games that he fell in love with that not as many people may know about.

Maybe they were games you missed, maybe they were so odd they didn’t get a first look, or maybe you had to choose between two titles and one of these was the loser at the time.

Whatever the reason, there are five great games here (plus an honorable mention) that are amazing games and more likely to be ones you may have missed. Just because it’s 30 years old doesn’t mean it can’t be new to you!

What Are Yours?

Come to the comments section and tell us which of these games you have fond memories of. Which have you never heard of at all? Which ones would you add to the list?

There’s a lot to love about the NES and it really was a quantum leap past Atari and the grandfather of the widespread and increasingly awesome systems that would follow in the decades to come.

Let us know, start the discussion, and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this awesome episode!

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