Unqualified Experts #26: Best SNES Games of All Time

Season Two of Unqualified Experts is in full swing now, and boy do we have a special one this week. We bring in Sorlus, a vintage game expert and awesome Twitch streamer who has the single most impressive Super Nintendo collection we have ever seen…as you will see by some of the cartridges he breaks out during this awesome episode.

Unlike Braden and I, he is 100% a qualified expert to talk about all things vintage video games, ESPECIALLY when it comes to Nintendo and Super Nintendo. We were thrilled to get Sorlus here in person for these episodes and the episode did not disappoint. He brought in facts super nerds like us had no idea about in regards to our favorite games as well as broke out some insanely good games we had never even heard of.

You will see games on this list that you can’t imagine this list exist without, and others that are hidden gems even vintage SNES game fans will be unlikely to have heard of, much less played.

The Best SNES Games of All Time: An Expert’s Take

Check out one of our favorite episodes yet on YouTube as Braden and special guest, vintage SNES game expert Sorlus (check out his Twitch channel and show some love) discuss some of the greatest SNES games of all time – including some amazing hidden gems that even most of us hadn’t heard of before this fantastic show.

And getting a retro RPG past Braden and Shane is no small task. To be able to do so and declare it one of the best ever for the system…well this episode has no shortage of completely awesome moments like that. Trust us, Sorlus knows his stuff and is great at sharing.

If you’re a big fan of vintage SNES games, expert points of view, and the return of an increasingly problematic brown bear in the opening sketch than this episode is definitely for you!

What’s Your Favorite Episode So Far?

What’s your favorite episode so far in Season 2? We absolutely loved shooting this season and hope you’re enjoying it. Let us know in the YouTube comments what you think and enjoy!

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