Unqualified Experts #1: Top 5 Low Level D&D Utility Spells

Launching YouTube shows was something we thought about doing eventually, and though Phil & Heather kicked it off with their awesome Table for Two series – Braden and Shane weren’t far behind with a very different show of their own. Unqualified Experts seemed a fitting name for these two knowledgeable fellows who always seem to know more than you think, and laugh at the idea of being seen as experts at anything.

Or as we at Assorted Meeples like to put it simply: “Our brand of ‘professionalism.'”

All About Low Level Utility Spells

So without any further ado, here’s the first episode.

Or you can check out the link in your own spare time, which is also a great way to help our channel for free (much obliged): 5th Ed D&D Best Low Level Utility Spells Video. Look, any utility spell that’s level six, seven, or eight, you’re going to know about it if it’s worth anything. You will never have heard of them if they’re not.

These are spells rated level three and lower and do not include healing or damage spells because, once again, utility. Even low level casters can use these spells early and often, and the information in the show is delivered in an interesting way with plenty of creative examples of use. Not to mention the best bear co-host around in the strangely appropriate first introduction.

Braden’s Focus

Braden focuses on his favorite level three and down spells that are an absolute necessity for surviving the early level days of a campaign in 5th Ed D&D where the DM isn’t messing around. No adventuring party should leave the tavern without these spells in a low level Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

In fact, depending on how the campaign starts, there’s a good chance you shouldn’t go to the tavern without a party member who has these spells already memorized.

Braden is all about the power utility with a list of five 3rd-level spells (not sure he even realized it worked out this way).

Shane’s Focus

Shane likes playing very unconventional players. He’s one of those who has no use for a box and is trying to use those thirty years of creative writing experience to take even the most commonly used tropes or spells and twist them into something weird and unique. No one should be surprised he’s a Hunter S. Thompson fan. No one should be surprised then that he also does the same with his spell selection list.

This means spells that look underwhelming in paper but overdeliver in campaign, have interesting uses most players aren’t insane enough to think of, and

His list has two 3rd level spells, two 2nd level spells, and even a too-often overlooked level 1 Bardic spell.

Between the two lists you have a list of killer utility spells that can be used across multiple classes like ranger, bard, cleric, druid, wizard, sorcerer, and warlock. In other words, you’re thoroughly set to make sure your party is ready to take a hammer to your DM’s plans! You can check out the even more in-depth text post at: 9 Most Underrated 5E Utility Spells

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