Where Do You Find Linus’s Basket in Stardew Valley? Step by Step Picture Guide

Linus has to be one of the best characters in Stardew Valley, and this is not an outlier of an opinion based on numerous YouTube videos, blog posts, and forum discussions about favorite characters. Linus is just, well, he’s great! So when you get a letter fall of year one asking you to find his lost blackberry basket, who are you to say no?

Unlike Robin’s Axe, which is pretty easy to find with a little exploring, Linus’s basket can be a bit tricky for first time players. The good news is that once you know it’s location and the little secret by the bus stop, finding the basket is fast, easy, and can likely be a quick 40 second addition onto a relatively normal day in Stardew Valley.

Not bad, right?

So let’s get right to how to find Linus’s blackberry basket in Stardew Valley!

Blackberry Basket Linus SV
You should see a letter like this arriving in the mail in early fall. Read the letter and the quest to help our wilderness friend!

Finding Linus’s Basket in Stardew Valley – Step by Step Guide (with Pictures)

This is simple. In early to mid fall when you received the letter from Linus simply accept the quest to get things started. Don’t worry – the Linus’s Basket quest doesn’t have a time limit, and it isn’t difficult anyway, so you shouldn’t feel put off at all.

First in the morning run towards the bus stop like you’re heading towards town. If you have a spare battery with you, make sure to have it in your inventory.

Not mandatory for the quest, but since you’ll be going to a certain area anyway…

SV fall screenshot for linus basket
All journeys start with a letter in the mailbox from the local tent-living survivalist and a first step. Or something like that.

Next, head towards the bus, but get on the road ahead of it and run off screen to the left. Yup, it’s time to ignore all the advice from Mom and Dad gave when you were young and sprint down the middle of the road. That’s your way.

SV directions to linus basket
If you’re an avid RPG player you might have discovered this spot before, but many new Starew Valley players are surprised to learn that there’s more to explore past the broke down bus.

Once you hit this screen, that many beginning players don’t realize is open to you, the basket is right there in plain view.

Stardew Valley finding lost basket
Cue choir of angels singing as you spot the lonely solitary blackberry basket sitting woefully empty near the tunnel…and near multiple other blackberry bushes close by. This is Linus’s lost basket.


Stardew Valley picking up basket
Success! Time to return the Berry Basket to Linus…unless you haven’t checked out the tunnel yet. In that case you should do that first since you’re here anyway.

If this is your first time in the screen, then keep going into the tunnel. Feel along the wall for a message. If you have a glow ring this is much easier. If you have a battery, place it in the box in the tunnel. If not, make sure to keep those lightning rods out during the next storm so you can get one and open up the Mr. Qi questlines.

After all that is done, head up the mountain to the tent of our favorite wilderness wild man, Linus. In fall he’s almost always very near to his tent, if he isn’t found right away then check the hot springs as that’s the one location he might slip away to for a few hours depending on when you head up the mountain to his tent.

SV returning linus basket
There he is! Prepare for grateful thanks in 3…2...1…

While you don’t get a monetary reward for helping out, Linus will be delighted to see you gave his basket back.

Stardew Valley returning basket to linus
Told ya.

And that’s it. Once you know where Linus dropped his basket while getting a little too prematurely eager to pick black berries, this is a very simple way to gain some easy popularity points with our favorite local tent dwelling mountain man in Pelican Town.

In Conclusion

This is a pretty simple question to answer, and it’s an easy way to win friendship points with the villager most consider to be the coolest in the game. Much like the quest to find Robin’s missing axe, Linus’s basket is always in the same place so once you find it, you’re good to go. It’s a one-time quest with great friendship bonuses, and unlike Robin’s axe where you have to charge to the corner of the map in Cinder Sap forest, you don’t have to go way out of your way to complete it.

That’s it. This is a one-time quest and you now have even more good will with Linus now that the precious basket has been returned!

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