Blokus Board Game Rules and Strategy Guide


Have you ever wanted to make Tetris into a more competitive board game where you and 3 of your closest friends duke it out to see who’s the best at arranging shapes? Except your pieces can’t directly touch your other pieces. But they must touch corners with at least one of your other pieces. Oh, …

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How To Play Quinto – A Board Game Of Fives

Quinto board game thumbnail

Both sides of my family have been board gamers since before I can remember, which meant I got exposed to all sorts of different games during vacations, holidays, and other family gatherings. Among my favorite board games was one my aunt and uncle showed me during one of my cross-country visits as a kid – …

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Best White Lands For Commander in MTG

MTG Emeria the Sky Ruin

White magic flows through the veins of Commander, infusing decks with purity, resilience, and an unwavering sense of justice. When it comes to harnessing the power of White, the choice of lands can significantly impact your ability to execute flawless strategies and achieve victory. But what are some great examples of some of the best …

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Can You Play MTG Solo?

MTG solo play goldfishing Commander thumbnail

If you’ve been hooked by the Magic: The Gathering (MTG) bug, you’ve whiled away many an afternoon building and playing decks with friends locally or on online platforms like Magic: The Gathering Arena. Whether jamming traditional 2-player games or the multiplayer madness that is Commander, the social aspect is what puts “The Gathering” into Magic. …

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Godsforge Expansion and 2nd Edition Review

Godsforge and Expansions

While there are plenty of board games whose goal is to be the last person standing, the 1st edition of Godsforge did an excellent job of threading the needle of being both approachable from a rules perspective and strategically engaging while sprinkling in just the right amount of chaos. This surprise find at Gen Con …

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Cheating Death: 5E Resurrection Spells

5e resurrection spells druid

While 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons has a reputation for being very player powerful – in that there are so many ways to cheat death or romp through a challenge that should have been harder according to Challenge Rating, sometimes the DM throws a curve ball or a group finds themselves in a challenging campaign. …

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