How Do I Get Welding Rods in My Time at Portia?

Portia Industrial Furnace

Welding rods are an important piece of refined crafting gear in My Time at Portia, and for new players they can be hard to find especially if you’re unfamiliar with the multi-level tech trees that the game has for multiple workshop upgrades. The only way to get welding rods in My Time at Portia is …

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Lawful Evil D&D Alignment Guide: Evil Done By The Book

lawful evil angel

D&D is full of hundreds of small, exciting moments, and learning their origins can do wonders for enhancing your adventure! Lawful alignments traditionally belong to righteous characters, so how would Lawful Evil players engage in the world of D&D? Let’s find out! The Lawful Evil alignment enjoys power and authority, often using the law to …

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D&D Alignment Guide: Chaotic Neutral

Alignment Chart - Chaotic Neutral

Have you ever felt the urge to act on impulse or instinct without worrying about rules, social norms, or morality of any kind, for that matter? Then the Chaotic Neutral (CN) alignment may be your style! Since this alignment values individual freedom above all else it can lead to unpredictable but often creative behavior. But …

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Godsforge Board Game Review

Godsforge board game

Etherium – the ender of famine, the bringer of peace and prosperity, used to be plentiful across the land. Now? Supplies have dried up and there is but a single site on the planet where this powerful source of magic can be found. You are 1 of up to 4 wizards seeking to claim this …

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D&D Alignment Guide: Neutral Good

Alignment Chart - Neutral Good

Creating your D&D character is always an exciting experience, especially when you combine alignment with backstory! Neutral Good is one of the more heroic alignments representing our most iconic names in anime, comics, video games, and movies. Let’s look at what it means to roleplay a Neutral Good character in the world of D&D and …

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5E Arcane Trickster Class Guide

green ethereal mage hand

Have you ever thought how, in certain situations, a little mischievous magic would be so handy in the rouge class? Well, that’s where the Arcane Tricksters take the spotlight. With its unique blend of stealth and magical abilities, this subclass offers a whole new way to approach your adventures, and at our table many of …

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D&D Alignment Guide: True Neutral

Alignment Chart - True Neutral thumbnail

Every D&D 5e alignment has particular quirks and characteristics that make them fun and unique. The Neutral alignment has a reputation of being the black sheep of the lot; boring, uneventful, and somewhat predictable – but as sure as dragons breathe fire and ice, this couldn’t be farther from the truth! There are many exciting …

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