5E Halberd: Is It The Ultimate 5E DnD Martial Weapon?

halberd polearm weapons on rack

The halberd has been a favorite weapon of mine for a long time because I’m a history geek and Medieval history is just awesome. I’ve also watched a couple of long-time D&D players use the Halberd as their main carrying weapon with great effectiveness, especially when piling on multiple feats that made its reach devastating …

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Stardew Valley Red Cabbage: Your Year 1 Problem Solved!

stardew valley red cabbage seeds

Stardew Valley red cabbage is a very profitable crop, but it also is much more important than just its sales value. While it might not compete with Stardew Valley’s Starfruit on a pure market value, this crop is important for a variety of reasons not the least of which is it’s the most common tripping …

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5E Lightning Lure Spell Guide

mage casting lightning lure

In 5th Edition D&D there are many damage spells and many utility spells, but sometimes you get that rare spell, or in this case a cantrip, that does a little bit of both. The 5E lightning lure cantrip that first appeared in Tasha’s and provides an interesting pick for a cantrip that can do some …

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Stardew Valley Rabbit’s Foot Guide

stardew valley rabbit's foot

Increasing luck is a great way to really boost your success in Stardew Valley whether you’re competing for a min-max goal of some type or just looking to have more really good days down in the mines. While this is normally done through food like Spicy Eel or a Lucky Lunch, some new players are …

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Can Slimes Starve in Slime Rancher?

angler honey largo slime stunned

Slime Rancher (and Slime Rancher 2) are amazing games that have helped me many times calm down after a particularly stressful or rough day. This is a game that I have recommended to many of the players in the Assorted Meeples community and we have quite a group that has this on a short list …

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The Best MTG Booster Boxes to Make Money

MTG booster boxes with official shrink wrap thumbnail

With so many booster boxes on the market, it takes significant work and study to determine which MTG products contain the most value. Some booster boxes will have a higher density of more expensive cards from their release date, ensuring you can break even or profit from them by reselling the complete booster box, individual …

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