Top 10 MTG Ikoria Cards For Commander

Lurrus of the Dream-Den MTG

This is an exciting time to be a Magic player. New sets these days are considerably above the typical power curve, and have generally come with an array of exciting designs to boot. Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths looks to be no different, and while the paper release of this set has been substantially delayed, I …

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Game Night Goes Digital!

boardgamearena screenshot

No question that we’re going to miss the game nights. Because several of us in the group either have medical issues that make Covid-19 (Coronavirus) very dangerous to us and some of our relatives we’re caretakers for, we were watching this really closely even before things really ramped up. We hoped to have one more …

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Game Night: 2/27/2020

Nebula board game

So this week we’re slaying dragons! Huh, what? Wait…that was last week? Ah man, I missed all the dragon killing! All jokes aside, last week was a neat little game of Dice & Dragons, and we’re glad that Kickstarter was funded. Sometimes we will go back to the classic board games and other times we’ll …

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Check Out the Assorted Meeples YouTube Channel!

youtube video page screenshot

Yes, that’s right, we FINALLY have that YouTube channel up and running for Assorted Meeples! Well we’re slowly getting better at that acting within a reasonable time thing. We’ve kept the Twitch TV stream recordings of our board game nights and boy aren’t we glad we did! Now with a really spiffy opening thanks to …

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Game Night: 2/20/2020

Dice and Dragons Board Game

Wait, another week has flown by and it is time for game night once again? Really? Well then, game day it is! We have a really unique game this week and chances are really good that even if you’re a serious gamer you have probably never even heard of our main game, much less played …

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