Unqualified Experts #4: Settlers of Catan Placing Your Settlements Like a Boss

two gamers playing settlers of catan

Settlers of Catan is one of our favorite games to break out, and that shouldn’t be too surprising. An absolute classic among board game fans who loves strategy, Catan is synonymous with good times playing a strategy game that plays differently with each board setup. Sometimes predictably depending on how things are setup. At other … Read more

Unqualified Experts #1: Top 5 Low Level D&D Utility Spells

Gamers talking D&D Spells

Launching YouTube shows was something we thought about doing eventually, and though Phil & Heather kicked it off with their awesome Table for Two series – Braden and Shane weren’t far behind with a very different show of their own. Unqualified Experts seemed a fitting name for these two knowledgeable fellows who always seem to … Read more

Check Out the Assorted Meeples YouTube Channel!

youtube video page screenshot

Yes, that’s right, we FINALLY have that YouTube channel up and running for Assorted Meeples! Well we’re slowly getting better at that acting within a reasonable time thing. We’ve kept the Twitch TV stream recordings of our board game nights and boy aren’t we glad we did! Now with a really spiffy opening thanks to … Read more