Unqualified Experts #11: Building the Best Bunny Kingdom

Bunny Kingdom is a fantastic boardgame that has a huge following…despite its lack of a brown bear mascot (sorry Brownie). This is a game that is cute, brings those happy feelings you remember from playing board games as kids, and yet involves an amazing amount of strategy. This game is about collecting resources, seizing important pieces of territory, grabbing important parchment cards, building your strategy, while also blocking your opponents from getting what they need.

Since all hands get passed around the table you have to balance blocking others with building your ideal hand. This can be quite a challenge as many times you’re looking at 8 cards you really want and you know even if every star aligns, you’ll only get four and that’s if two of those special cards make it back to you.

They usually won’t.

This is a fantastic game that is very challenging and does a great job of bringing in players for a competitive game without hard feelings that can sometimes come from particularly combative games. Cute and cuddly on the surface, this is a strategy deep game that is incredibly fun, challenging, and pretty much always provides a great competitive game.

Ready to own your next game with these fantastic Bunny Kingdom strategies? Understanding some of the most powerful or underrated strategies in this game will let you put together a powerful game the next time you sit down at the table with your fellow bunny king and queens in order to create a bunny kingdom that will thrive and stand alone as the top of the mountain.

Multiple Powerful Gaming Strategies

One of the things we really love about Bunny Kingdom is that there’s more than one path to victory.

Just a short “name list” of the strategies we cover include:

  • The luxury resource focus
  • The giant fief method
  • The multiple small fiefs method
  • Maximizing your parchments
  • The most powerful pieces to each (allows you to cross-stitch strategies)

When you understand how the strongest strategies work, you can also see what other players are doing. This allows you to react more quickly to other players’ strategies, see when you have an opening when a current strategy doesn’t work, and adjust accordingly.

Check out our complete Bunny Kingdom strategy guide for an even more in-depth look at mastering this amazing game!

Base Bunny Kingdom Game & Expansion Strategies

The expansion adds a lot to gameplay and can alter strategies. In the video we talk about how the expansion changes Bunny Kingdom from making certain parchments stronger to making it possible for two players to play the luxury resource game. Chimney cards become powerhouses for players with tons of tiny fiefs and the castles to gather points.

With this video you learn it all. How to build the ultimate bunny kingdom in the base board game.

How to bring in contractors to create a massive empire in the expansion.

We cover it all.

Bunny Kingdom is a great standalone game that really stands out. The Bunny Kingdom expansion is a fantastic meld and makes a truly great game even better.

So watch the video and enjoy some amazing games of Bunny Kingdom in the days ahead!

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