Live Games Are Returning!

Well it’s been one heck of a (checks wrist hair where a watch used to be back when time mattered) 14 months. We’re not going to rehash all that insanity and unpleasantness, but we survived. We all survived, and after vaccinations, some incredible shifting and improv with our gaming group over the past year and change, the birth of two AWESOME YouTube shows and more – WE’RE FINALLY BACK!!!

Can you tell we’re excited?

Thursday, June 3rd, 6:30 Central-ish: we’re back to in-person board games, streamed on Twitch!

While Munchkin isn’t the first game that we’re going to premiere on the day back, we’re super excited to get back to things. Plus this does show that awesome professionalism we’re known for 🙂 Shout out to pink Starbursts and Magic Moose Moo.

Munchkin boardgame pieces
Look at that high level of early professionalism!

We’re looking at breaking out a lot of the short, high energy, easy to play games that just help get us in the moment and put on a show. Zombie Dice, Sushi Go, Tsuro – all the quick fire games that Phil, Callahan, and Braden have plenty of to get us back into high energy gaming again.

The Tentative 2021 Assorted Meeples Schedule (Until We Change It Again)

  • Mondays: Braden Rando Stream on Twitch
  • Tuesdays: Braden Classic RPG Stream on Twitch
  • Wednesdays: Video release of newest episode of Table for Two or Unqualified Experts – Sometimes we may do a rando stream or video release on this day, though that won’t be a weekly thing.
  • Thursdays: Group Board Game Night! (IT’S BACK!!!!!!)
  • Fridays: Patrons Night (every other week) – Also occasionally may have a rando stream or video in the future during non-Patron weeks
  • Saturdays: Open Date – Future shenanigans
  • Sundays: Open Date – Future shenanigans

This schedule is based on what we’re doing and what we’re looking to do. Believe us, “Future shenanigans” isn’t idle talk. We have some ideas. Oh boy howdy do we have some future ideas.

Shane will be doing some random streams in the future on off days once again, though he won’t be scheduled consistently. Just consider it a happy bonus when it happens. Phil is looking at the same.

There will be plenty more Meeples in the future.

Meeples, Meet the Meeples!

But for now, we’re so happy to be back and gaming in person. We’ve had amazing food, shared big bear hugs, and we’re eager to get back into our weekly stream once again. One odd part about the online thing is we almost have “multiple communities.” The awesome rando crowd who knows Braden, the original O.G.s who knew us from group game board nights, some people who stumbled onto us via the website, and several from the two YouTube shows.

And a lot of ya’ll have never met. Weird, huh?

So awesome Meeples, meet the other awesome Meeples. You guys are all amazing, awesome, and we’re super thrilled to have everyone together again in person, or together meeting other Patrons, supporters, and followers. You guys all rock, and you’ll really enjoy meeting the others in the group.

The future is bright, and with in-person gaming back on the table we’re back to the foundation that started it all. Just with way better sound, picture, understanding of what the hell we’re doing, AND comfort in front of the camera.

Crazy, huh?

And if you haven’t visited the website recently before now, welcome welcome, and consider checking out some of these articles that we love:

Once again to everyone, it’s good to be back. Happy gaming – and we love you all! Thanks for the amazing support and we’re eager to jump back in from here!