Table for Two #32: Bunny Kingdom

This week’s episode is a treat! After a really fun short episode playing Tenzi last week, this week brings a quality long form game. Bunny Kingdom is a fantastic game that combines cute bunnies, fantastic art, and tough strategy in one awesome unique package. I absolutely love this game and it’s an absolute delight to see our favorite gaming couple giving it a go!

If you love the look of this game or know how amazing it is and can’t explain why you don’t have a copy, then click HERE to purchase your own copy of Bunny Kingdom from Amazon!

Bunny Kingdom 2-Player Playthrough

This two-player Bunny Kingdom playthrough is a great look at how the game plays with two players as opposed to the full table of jerks passing hands and trying to bunny murder each other.

About Bunny Kingdom

Bunny Kingdom is a fabulous boardgame by Richard Garfield. The game plays great on its own or with a really interesting expansion, the Cloud Kingdom. These games take super cute pieces and feature wonderful art on the cards while offering a truly interesting, intense, and strategic game.

This is a game that gives a cute fa├žade but really deep dives with the different strategies. Drafting cards, grabbing resources, and blocking your opponents are all crucial components of intense strategy that must come together to create a truly great gaming experience.

Phil’s Take

“Bunny Kingdom isn’t a game I have to say much about. It’s awesome. We all know it’s awesome. There’s a reason all of us have this in our top ten or top five games list.”

Phil, straight to the point

We are huge fans of Bunny Kingdom. This is just a great game in general and one that gets frequent play at all our households. In fact, it’s one of the boardgames that has already received a treatment from our other YouTube show, Unqualified Experts, as well.

So as we send a link of the Bunny Kingdom Strategies video to Heather, we hope you enjoyed this episode and look forward to seeing it more in the future.

You can also check out this Bunny Kingdom Strategies article/video we put together for Unqualified Experts. Needless to say, it’s a game we love in this group!

Or if you are very familiar with this amazing game and everything it has to offer, then also consider checking out this amazing in-depth guide that Braden made coming from our now years of experience playing this game: Complete Bunny Kingdom Strategy Guide.

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