Table for Two #49: Ticket to Ride – First Journey

This is a very simplified version of the full version of Ticket to Ride, a game that we like immensely at Assorted Meeples as we’ve played Ticket to Ride in person pre-pandemic and we played Ticket to Ride digitally. And have played both on board game night as well as digitally. In fact, Heather and Phil also played Ticket to Ride European Edition earlier in the season.

So this is a game that promises to fit right into our wheelhouse!

First Journey is the kid’s version of the full sized board game and is a fun game that plays well for kids or adults. This is a great introduction for the youngins that gets them ready for the grown up’s gaming table when they’re just a little bit older. And the game stays fun for the not surprisingly competitive gaming couple we love 🙂

If you enjoy the original or Europe version (or both) and love the idea of getting a copy for the kids check out the most up-to-date prices here on Amazon.

Ticket to Ride First Journey Playthrough

If you’re looking for a good Ticket to Ride First Journey playthrough, here you are!

About Ticket to Ride: First Journey

A very simplified, slimmed down version of the original game that keeps the core mechanics but changes and streamlines enough to make it easy to play for kids. This is a wonderful rendition of the original game and one that belongs on the gaming shelf…especially if you have kids around the house.

What Phil & Heather Think

Both are big fans of this game. It keeps their attention while keeping the kids engaged. Heather loves the quality of the cards, great weight in car with painted/decorated cards that looks cute and adds a bunch of interesting things to look at and artwork to enjoy.

Phil agrees as the board is simple and great, the designs fun, and there’s a fantastic use of patterns to make the game fully playable for those who are color blind. Definitely an important piece of the puzzle.

Phil’s Take

Great kid’s version of the game. Simple, fun, and still teaches the basics the kids will need to know when they jump to the full version. Really well done adaptation from the original.

Hope you enjoyed this short, fun, and engaging playthrough!

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