Live Games Are Returning!

Munchkin boardgame pieces

Well it’s been one heck of a (checks wrist hair where a watch used to be back when time mattered) 14 months. We’re not going to rehash all that insanity and unpleasantness, but we survived. We all survived, and after vaccinations, some incredible shifting and improv with our gaming group over the past year and …

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Is GameFly Worth It?

thinking gamer man

GameFly commercials used to be everywhere. One of the early names in the national video game rental market, GameFly started with the same disc to home method as Netflix before expanding into digital rentals. However, they have since shut down the digital side of things while still offering a pretty solid rental setup on video …

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Assorted Meeples: Survived the Derecho

Tree down Derecho storm damage

So…it’s been a while all. As most of you know, here at Assorted Meeples we’re based out of Iowa and in particular most of us are in Linn County, which got hit by the absolute worst brunt of the Derecho. Even weeks later, the damage is extensive and devastating, and we’re a long way from …

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Game Night Goes Digital!

boardgamearena screenshot

No question that we’re going to miss the game nights. Because several of us in the group either have medical issues that make Covid-19 (Coronavirus) very dangerous to us and some of our relatives we’re caretakers for, we were watching this really closely even before things really ramped up. We hoped to have one more …

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Game Night: 2/27/2020

Nebula board game

So this week we’re slaying dragons! Huh, what? Wait…that was last week? Ah man, I missed all the dragon killing! All jokes aside, last week was a neat little game of Dice & Dragons, and we’re glad that Kickstarter was funded. Sometimes we will go back to the classic board games and other times we’ll …

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