Assorted Meeples: Survived the Derecho

Tree down Derecho storm damage

So…it’s been a while all. As most of you know, here at Assorted Meeples we’re based out of Iowa and in particular most of us are in Linn County, which got hit by the absolute worst brunt of the Derecho. Even weeks later, the damage is extensive and devastating, and we’re a long way from … Read more

Meeple Meetup 8/6/2020

Unrailed video game screenshot

Well hello, hello, hello once again my fellow Meeples! How’s everyone doing on this fine Thursday? Certainly better than a Wishy-washy Wednesday, a tormenting Tuesday or, ugh, a Monday. And no, Mondays don’t get alliteration. They don’t deserve it. But you have us on Thursdays so hopefully that counts as something! So there have been … Read more

Meeple Meetup 07/23/2020

Stone Age Winter digital Board Game

Well last week was a crazy good gauntlet, wasn’t it? The score was 3-2-1, 2-2-2, or 2*-2-2**, or 3*-2-2** all depending how you look at it. In other words, we made things plenty confusing while blasting through six games of Splendor last Thursday. Each of us was thoroughly whooped at least once, each of us … Read more

Meeple Meetup 7/16/2020

Splendor Video Game Screenshot

We’re already half way through the year. Isn’t that wild? We’re still making the best of things. Wishing Pheeeeellllll and his lovely family the best and safety during their vacation. Meanwhile those of us who need to stick to strict self-isolation are ready to bring you another night of online game shennanigans. Those of you … Read more

Meeple Meetup 07/09/2020

Castle Crashers banner

Boy those weeks just keep flying by, don’t they? While it was unfortunate our Corrupt Overlord couldn’t make last Thursday’s game due to illness, $10 Patron Madclaw (SHOUT OUT!!!) filled in and it was one extremely entertaining stream. That will have to continue to work its way back into the rotation. Worship the Holy Hand … Read more

Meeple Meetup 07/02/2020

Worms WMD screenshot

Well hello fellow Meeples! The 4th of July is just around the corner and while celebrations are going to be a bit muted this year due to the fact that nothing makes a large public get-together grill out and board game day a bad idea like a pandemic. We look forward to those days in … Read more

Meeple Meetup 06/18/2020

couple with century board game

Hey Meeples – we’re up for another Thursday already! The past couple months have been flying by and we’ve been having a blast. The expanded Thursday night gaming sessions and plenty of Friday night Patrons’ nights have been nothing short of awesome. Worms W.M.D. and Golf with Friends have been welcome additions as we make … Read more