Can You Die in Animal Crossing?

animal crossing loading screen

There’s nothing like sitting down to a game you believe will be relaxing and enjoyable, pouring in the hours, and then accidentally drowning because you’re too dumb to swim AND stay out of the water. I know, unreasonable expectations. Animal Crossing hit the gaming community by storm for those who love Stardew Valley type games …

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17 Tips for Playing My Time at Portia Like a Pro

night in portia

My Time at Portia is a fantastic game, and one of the immediate mentions that comes up if you’re looking for a game like Stardew Valley or an extremely relaxing Sim-adjacent game. If you’ve put in even a few hours in this game there’s a pretty good chance that you’re hooked, and that’s an understandable …

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Can You Use the Xbox 360 Power Supply on XBox One?

prongs to xbox 360 vs xbox one

Few things are worse for a gamer (other than the bad idea that is pre purchase) than dropping that hard earned savings on a new gaming console only to find out…you didn’t get the supporting power supply. And you don’t have an alternative. Individuals who have gone from Xbox 360 to Xbox One may have …

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Curious Expedition 2: First Impressions Review

Curious Expedition ships in evening

Some games catch the right combination of factors to just explode. Right game, right touch of nostalgia, the right time. Curious Expedition was an indie game that took Steam by storm and received a LOT of attention followed by many well deserved accolades. An homage to the very early days of gaming, decent pixel art …

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Unqualified Experts #22: SNES Nostalgia for Season 1’s Close!

two retro snes gamers

Well it’s been a wild season and although it ended slightly sooner than we might have preferred, wishing our Corrupt Overlord a speedy conclusion to his dental surgeries and speedy recovery to follow, we’re ending on two of our best episodes and two of the best openings from the season. And that’s not saying nothing! …

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