Deadly Days Video Game Review: Tips, Tricks, & Strategies

Rocket Prep Deadly Days Base

Deadly Days is considered a rogue-like video game, one that takes place not in the dungeon crawling fantasy realms of a Dungeons & Dragons type world but in the stylized pixelated world of a zombie apocalypse. There are few settings more appropriate for a recurring “shoot ’em up” map exploration like rogue-like games promise, and …

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11 Awesome Indie Games You Missed on Steam

Obra Dinn Ship Screenshot

Shane has earned a bit of a well deserved reputation for finding really unique, awesome, and unusual independent video games on Steam. This leads to an incredibly eclectic collection of games and not even the remotest pattern during streaming. On the plus side, and one of the reasons that Shane is such a fan of …

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Game Night Goes Digital!

boardgamearena screenshot

No question that we’re going to miss the game nights. Because several of us in the group either have medical issues that make Covid-19 (Coronavirus) very dangerous to us and some of our relatives we’re caretakers for, we were watching this really closely even before things really ramped up. We hoped to have one more …

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Thank You Amazing Supporters, Vol. 1


So a Quick Little Background First… The idea behind Assorted Meeples started getting thrown around about three years ago. While the length of time it took to get going might not say much about our ability to defeat procrastination, we take pride in the fact that we feel like we’re doing this the right way. …

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