Is Littlewood Still Being Updated?

There are pros and cons with modern games constantly being updated. The anger many gamers feel towards big studios releasing games in a broken or not ready state is legitimate, but then indie-developed games like Littlewood thrive off coming out in a solid state, gaining reputation, and then continuing to build up and improve to an even better and fuller game.

Littlewood appears to be completely finished in its current form with no hints of updates or DLCs planned for the future. The solo developer of Littlewood, Sean Young, has publicly stated he intends to add bug fixes to any found in the future but he is already working on his next game.

There’s also this very relevant screenshot of Littlewood from my Steam Library:

This screenshot is how Littlewood looks in my Steam Library in March 2023 which means at this point there have been 2.5 years with no updates, including bug fixes (but in fairness no more of these appear to be needed).

Based on the screenshot and how long it’s been since any updates or bug fixes were needed, it’s safe to say that Littlewood is in its complete form. In over 40 hours of playing, and I have friends who have played this game more than me, none of us have run into a bug or glitch. That is some impressively solid coding.

That is the difference between a truly finished game and an abandoned game – and Littlewood is a well-coded finished game.

Littlewood Is A Complete Cozy-Sim Game

Littlewood was Sean Young‘s first full game. He is the one-man show behind SmashGames, which is a great name for his indie studio but he did 100% of the work behind the game of Littlewood. One part Animal Crossing, one part town builder, throw in a really unique blend of pixel art and cozy RPG elements and Littlewood really sticks out as a Cozy Game because it’s so unique and hard to compare with others in the genres.

You start out as the amazing hero who defeated the Dark Wizard and saved the entire world. Sounds like your standard ending to an RPG, but in this case it’s the beginning, because your best friend finds you, tells you how happy she is you’re awake, and then finds out you have amnesia.

Since there’s no need to save the world anymore, now it’s all about setting up a town and creating wonderful homes, businesses, and buildings for friends you meet throughout the game – old and new alike.

There are many of the aspects you expect from farm-sim games, but this one feels and plays differently, adding an emphasis on Town Building, giving pretty areas to Explore to find more resources to gather, and a little bit of farming, fishing, gathering, bug catching, and more. Their take on tying time to energy, and energy to actions, is one of the best mechanics I’ve ever seen and I love it.

Littlewood Title Screen
The Opening Loading screen for this fantastic first game from Sean Young. Littlewood definitely carves its niche in the cozy game, farm-sim, and town building niches of gaming.

What Cozy Games Are Most Like Littlewood?

Littlewood does something that’s very hard to do in the farming-sim / cozy game genre nowadays – it stands out as being incredibly unique and distinctive. This doesn’t just refer to a cool pixel art aesthetic but its great take on daily energy & the day cycle and focus on town building elements with the materials you find or gather makes it really stick out in a good and enjoyable way.

Even within the genre Littlewood really sticks out with a unique feeling and gameplay experience that makes it still out in an increasingly crowded genre where other games struggle to do that.

No game in the genre comes close to matching Littlewood’s good and unique pixel art, which old school gamers will really enjoy. The aesthetic is incredibly unique.

As for the cozy games most like Littlewood that came later, Dinkum has a lot in common with Littlewood, almost working as a 1/3 Animal Crossing/Littlewood/Portia mixture.

Otherwise Animal Crossing might be one of the most similar games to Littlewood in the feel and relaxing vibes, though the two games are not very similar in most regards.

Littlewood Video Game FAQ

Here are some common questions asked about Littlewood and the state that it is in.

What version is Littlewood on?

Version 1.026 which appears to be the completed final version of the video game. While many fans were hoping for more, like future DLCs or a major update that added new content like Stardew Valley’s famous 1.5 update, it doesn’t appear that is in the cards.

How long does it take to finish Littlewood?

This is a hard question to answer because like many games in this genre, there is no true “ending.” The closest would be a full village of all the friends you can meet, which would be the main story. Choosing someone to marry, unlocking everything else and getting your completionist badge are other markers.

Based on polls from How Long To Beat, times range from 24.5 to 67.5 hours to complete, with the average being around 30-40 hours for most players who don’t necessarily feel the need to go all the way to completion.

Level of CompletionAverageFocusedCasual
Main Story30 hours24.5 hours37 hours
Main Story + Major Extras42 hours33.5 hours55.5 hours
100% Completion57 hours32 hours67.5 hours

Does Littlewood have an ending?

Not really, but there are main points that can feel like a “main stop” such as meeting the last available friend who can move into town, or getting married, or unlocking the last hot air balloon location in Littlewood.

Does Littlewood have romance?

Yes. While it’s not quite the level as some games like Portia or Stardew Valley dates are available with multiple characters and heart events can be unlocked accordingly.

What is the main plot or point behind Littlewood?

Rebuild your little corner of the world, meet new interesting people, play peacemaker in your small new town and explore the world you helped to save, often helping out other areas you visit and unlock, as well. This is a cozy game first and foremost, a town builder second, and a light rpg a distant third.

Who made Littlewood?

SmashGames is the studio name, which is a one-man development studio headed by Sean Young who does all the development work for the game.

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