Unqualified Experts #27: Best NES Games of All Time

We thank Sorlus again for bringing his vintage NES game knowledge to the show as we went old, old, OLD school for gamers back to the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) to look at some of the classics as well as some hidden gems that those of us who identify as an 80’s child, or early 90’s child, will remember fondly.

Or might have missed out the first time around. Because there were a LOT of Nintendo games back in those wild, wild West days of game and cartridge development.

Featuring a very popular brown bear mascot who keeps getting into trouble during filming, expert opinions on the classic and hidden gems of the old Nintendo system, there’s a lot here in this episode to enjoy if you love those old school games.

Best NES Games All Time Video

A Great Vintage Video Game Show

At Unqualified Experts we like to throw out episodes on a wide array of topics and video games is one we’ve hit a few times. While Braden and I also feel like we have a pretty solid handle on the old NES library, Sorlus puts us to shame.

We hope you enjoy this one, which compliments last week’s episode on the best SNES game and introduced us to some really delightful and amazing games that we hadn’t even heard of until Sorlus introduced us. Take a look at this episode and let us know what you think. Hope you enjoy it!

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