Table for Two #15: Dragon Castle

Gaming couple with Dragon Castle

Look, we here at Assorted Meeples are all about Dragons’s rights to decent housing and caves are so Middle Earth. Why not spice up a Mejong game with building a fine castle worthy of our new Dragon Overlords? Dragons deserve nice homes, too! This is an interesting game that takes a fun but basic game … Read more

Table for Two #13: Tsuro

tsuro boardgame on blue felt table

Tsuro is one of those games that is remarkably simple and yet provides an incredible amount of game play. Featuring a unique design, nearly impossible to mess up rules, and endless gameplay fun, this is one of those games that underwhelmed the eye test then overdelivered once gameplay started. This is an amazing two player … Read more

Table for Two #6 Dice Throne

couple playing dice throne

I always love it when I can see a two person playthrough of one of my favorite multi-player boardgames. Dice Throne is an absolutely awesome boardgame that adds an amazing amount of strategy to a dice game so even if you’re not constantly rolling ones or sixes you can still compete. Dice Throne proudly describes … Read more

Table for Two #4: Deblockle

gaming couple playing deblockle

Deblockle was a game that instantly caught my attention when Phil described it, because games that fall under the “chess-like” category that actually deliver are pretty far and few between. While the description of “chess-like” can be thrown around. This is a simple strategy game that is easy to pick up, has a small amount … Read more