Table for Two #29: Horrified

Gamers horrified at horrified boardgame

Coming off the most adorable thumbnail yet (love it), and dealing with a cat that wants to mess with Phil’s glass of water while shooting, they manage to dive into playing Horrified, a board game that is fantastic and has received well deserved press. This was a fun playthrough to watch, to see the mechanics …

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Unqualified Experts #20: Is Early Access Good or Bad for Gaming?

gamer wagging finger at other gamer

There are both pros and cons to early access programs, as well as all the varying versions of this (Alpha early access, Beta release, eternal content addition, etc.). Are they greedy money grabs that are damaging the gaming world permanently and bringing about a new normal that no one wants (like when pizza delivery places …

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Unqualified Experts #19: How Much Should Player Choices Matter in D&D?

D&D brown bear campaign

One of the things about a great tabletop RPG is that a group story can provide bonding, friendship, and stories that last between friends for years. This also means there are many different moving parts, potential problems, and lessons to learn along the way. One of the interesting bits of conversation that comes up a …

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