Unqualified Experts #12: Fixing the Beast Master Ranger (5E)

two gamers and teddy bear on strike

Look, there’s a lot to absolutely love about 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. However, there are some serious deficiencies that we can only ignore for so long. And with Shane’s love of the grossly underpowered Ranger class and Brownie’s anger at unfair working conditions as an adventuring party member, it was inevitable that Unqualified Experts …

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Unqualified Experts #11: Building the Best Bunny Kingdom

two gamers over Bunny Kingdom

Bunny Kingdom is a fantastic boardgame that has a huge following…despite its lack of a brown bear mascot (sorry Brownie). This is a game that is cute, brings those happy feelings you remember from playing board games as kids, and yet involves an amazing amount of strategy. This game is about collecting resources, seizing important …

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Unqualified Experts #9: Trailer Park Boys D&D – WITF?

trailer park boys d&d

Trailer Park Boys as D&D characters? Ricky the idiot Druid? Julian the Paladin? What in the (censored)? Great references to Donnie aside, this was a fantastic idea and you can tell that Shane and Braden were both very excited about this episode of Unqualified Experts. We’ve seen the min-maxed D&D builds of pop culture characters …

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