SEASON 2 BEGINS! Unqualified Experts #23: Sorcerer Vs. Wizard

wizard vs. Sorcerer 5E

Unqualified Experts, one of two YouTube shows currently produced by Assorted Meeples, is back and better than ever for season two! We start off with a great sketch where all the trouble starts and it leads straight into a deep discussion into the two “classic” magic classes of sorcerer and wizard. While there are other …

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Assorted Meeples News Release: Season 2 of Unqualified Experts Premieres August 4th!

braden in room on fire

Unqualified Experts Is Back, Baby! The demand has been there from our awesome community. From Patrons, from close orbit friends, from our friends and acquaintances who quietly loved the videos but didn’t usually follow much online or consider themselves gamers. Whatever the background, the message was loud and clear: People wanted more Unqualified Experts. Some …

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Unqualified Experts #22: SNES Nostalgia for Season 1’s Close!

two retro snes gamers

Well it’s been a wild season and although it ended slightly sooner than we might have preferred, wishing our Corrupt Overlord a speedy conclusion to his dental surgeries and speedy recovery to follow, we’re ending on two of our best episodes and two of the best openings from the season. And that’s not saying nothing! …

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Unqualified Experts #21: Barbarian Vs. Fighter 5E Debate

barbarian vs fighter 5e pic

RAGE! As the barbarian unleashes the type of fury that makes even seasoned adventurers wet themselves and dive for cover like the already who-know-where-he/she-is rogue, the fighter unleashes multiple trained attacks relying on nearly legendary “Action Surge” to display their full ability of martial prowness. So who wins? Is the barbarian stopped dead (probably not …

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