Table for Two S3E6: Reef

Phillip first heard about Reef at his first Gencon which is also the year that he brought home Century: Golem Edition with its playing mat putting him way over his nonexistent budget that he had. In the same seller’s booth was this brightly colored chonky pieced game getting about the same amount of demo table … Read more

Gloomhaven Vs. Descent: Which Plays Best?

Gloomhaven Vs Descent Board Games

Gloomhaven and the Descent games are highly successful dungeon crawlers, guaranteed to give you endless hours of entertainment for your time and money. While these campaign-based, role-playing games share similarities, there are also many differences between them.  When you’re weighing up Gloomhaven vs. Descent, Gloomhaven is a slower-paced, densely packed brain teaser with card game … Read more

7 Wonders 1st vs 2nd Edition – Which is Better?

7 Wonders 1st edition and 2nd edition

7 Wonders was a fixture of my board game shelf long before I got dedicated board game cabinets, so you can imagine my surprise when I recently discovered the existence of a 2nd edition of this iconic card drafting game. Released in 2020 to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the game’s original release, well…suddenly … Read more

Machi Koro Strategy Guide: May Your Merchants Roll!

machi koro 5th anniversary game

Machi Koro is a great game for casual gamers. It’s simple enough to be played by those who are new to board games, yet it has enough strategy and depth to keep experienced players having fun as well. Machi Koro is a clever combination of luck and skill, which makes the game enjoyable for people … Read more

Heroquest vs. Descent: Which Board Game Is Best?

Large Hero Quest Board Game

If you like dungeon-crawling, tabletop board games, you’re probably familiar with both Heroquest and Descent. They are both immensely popular games that offer a ton of replayability with new (or current) gaming partners. But which one is better?  Heroquest is a classic dungeon crawler that has been around for years. Descent is a newer game, … Read more

Cold War CIA vs. KGB Review

cold war cia vs kgb game

With so many strategy and spy games available nowadays, Cold War CIA vs. KGB has made a name for itself by offering a plot with intensity, intrigue, and bluff. It strikes a decent balance between luck and strategy and makes for an excellent two-player strategy game.  The Cold War CIA vs. KGB game is a … Read more

7 Wonders Board Game Strategy Guide

7 Wonders board game

Card drafting games are some of my favorite board games, offering everything I like about drafting Magic: The Gathering (MTG) without the expense of having to buy packs every time I want to do so. I find the best draft environments offer a wide variety of strategies and experiences that keep you coming back for … Read more